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Customize Color scheme tutorial

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1 Customize Color scheme tutorial on Fri Aug 19, 2011 8:09 pm


okay first what is ? Color scheme
- are the colors that seen in the submenu (messages, settings)

can we really customize it?
yes that is why im posting this tut

after changing color what will i do to port it in my phone?
you have to paste you edited color.bin into res folder its either phone/res or MMC/res
then patch your phone using rc2 that contains colorTbl patch

here is a tutorial how to patch your rc2 with colorTbl;topicseen

okay lets start changing color

first download this
this program is mdde by [AlaSToR] (i think) thanks man!!

then download this
that include color.bin and colorTbl.smp (ignore other file if you do not know about making patch in Qub)

okay lets really start changing color this time

rename color.bin to
open colortab_edotv2.0

click the dropdown to see color locations

click the ????? i have circle with black to change color
then click ???? i circled with blue to save selected color

i you have done changing color click save

after saving rename again to color.bin then paste it in your res folder

as for now i did not know the the ID for each color just try it your self then post here the ID's so that others will make their decent color

sorry my english really suckkkssss

thanks to XZY and [AlaSToR]
now i believe the the saying "best human race live in russia Smile"

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