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S5230 Patch Guide

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1 S5230 Patch Guide on Fri Aug 19, 2011 8:05 pm


To patch you phone so you can put custom themes on it you will have to first flash your phone with S5230XEIL2/S523MXEIL2 Firmware , to do this use the Flash Guide.
Copy the Res folder to the root of your memory card and the root of your phone.
This time when you flash, you do not have to remove the memory card or the sim and no files will be lost.
Put your phone into download mode, plug in and open multiloader, click Port Search. Like in the first picture BRCM2133 mode will automatically be selected.

Change the mode to LSI6410, as shown in Picture 2.

Fill in the contents as shown in Picture 3.

Before you click the download button make sure mutiloader is still in LSI6410 mode and that the boxes that are ticked are the same as Picture 3, when you know it is click download.

After you have done this your phone will auto-start. Turn it back off by holding the power button when it is on the desktop screen.

Turn the phone back on holding the "lock" key, this will take you to a menu.
Use the Volume buttons to move up and down, the Camera button to select an option, the Lock button to save, the Call button to go back and the Return [middle button] for next page.
Press the Camera button on the option patch menu. You are now at the patch menu.
Unselect all of the options.
Select the options:
-Change_swf ver2.0

Press the lock button to save.
Press the call key to exit.
Use the volume buttons to move to Restart Phone, press the camera key to restart your phone.

You can enable patches (any of them) as long as you know what they do.

The theme that is available for download below is called iPhone Revolution and it was made by TerryCee [me] and my modding friend Ward670.[/me]

Hope I helped

2 thanks bro on Tue Oct 18, 2011 7:58 pm


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